Sr. Mary Joseph.
Sr Mary Joseph is a native of Kerala. She belongs to the order of Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary .After completing her studies she served different educational institutions across the country. She is a trained musician and a dancer and she takes keen interest in the all round development of her students. She joined Sacred Heart School in 2003 as Vice Principal and took charge as Principal in 2004.

Sr. Mary believes that education is comprehensive and it represents a broad spectrum of thinking and practice. It can not be confined within classrooms or textbooks. Social reality is to be interwoven with the existing education system as it is the most powerful medium of self transformation and the resultant social transformation. 

She is convinced  that a country's future depends up on its people and it is education that shapes him/her to be a man or woman of character. She along with the staff and students of Sacred Heart strive to materialize the same through the mission of education.

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